Writer, Director : Paresh Mokashi

Produced By : Mayasabha, Mumbai

Cast : Atul Kulkarni and Ketaki Thatte

Duration : 75 mins

Atul is currently aciting in this play which is a mystery based upon ancient history.

An island in pacific. A C.B.I. officer arrives to investigate as the information of a strange incident has reached the headquarters. A team of archeologists was there to excavate. Six of the archeologists die mysteriously and their leader, Dr.Kosambi, is missing. The officer discovers the six bodies.  And he also discovers a young girl, the lone survivor. She is scared and hiding something.  Was the expedition supposed to look for a lost city of treasures as she says? He exposes the lie as the evidence apparently points at something weirder. Something more ancient…  Together, they go on brainstorming to reach something more than just a ‘who done it’ climax…

Gandhi Virudhha Gandhi
In the year 1995, after graduating from NSD, Atul was casted as Mahatma Gandhi, in his first professional play, Gandhi Virudhha Gandhi (Gandhi Verses Gandhi). The play was very well received by all. The play bagged several awards including many Best Actor Awards. Atul acted in all the three versions of the play, Marathi, Hindi and Gujarati.
Manoos Navacha Bet

Acting in Manoos Navacha Bet was a unique experience. A modern play byShri. Vijay Tendulkar was taken up by an aspiring director, Vijay Kulkarni. It was first performed in Mumbai in Vijay Tendulkar Festival.

Aapan Sarech Ghodegaonkar

Aapan Sarech Ghodegaonkar was his first directorial effort. The effort proved fruitful and the play was a big success at the state level. This play gave Atul his first prize in direction!


The production of Chapha was the turning point in his journey. It received several state level awards and was staged all over Maharshtra. The play was very well appreciated by the artists, audiences as well as the critics.


Natak, a play in two acts in Marathi, was Atul's first serious theatrical endeavor. The play was written by Shri. Dilip Pardeshi and directed by Dr. Waman Degaonkar.